So – am I alone in not understanding anything vaguely related to
oh – cable and phones and broadbands ?

I write this as the very charming Jamaican engineer from Virgin is currently
in my flat installing – errrm – something I’ve signed up for – not sure what tho!

Have had broadband and phone with Virgin for years – love Virgin – love Sir Branson.
They offered me some sort of upgrade to make it ‘all go quicker’ so seemed churlish to refuse.
Lovely Robert – who tells me he’s Awe-Some – has been here for about 2 hrs now.
He’s drilled a hole in my bedroom wall to send cable ermmm – outside
somewhere – haven’t ventured out to see where the end of it goes yet-
leaving that as a nice surprise when he finishes.  What does it all mean?
How does it work?  Where did all the cables from different companies come from
or indeed – go to? Who laid them?  How is there room for all of this under the
street? How does electricity work….. oh God – makes my head hurt -so signing off
now to make another cuppa PG.

Happy Days people.

Jewish Queen

Not Princess

Too old I guess.